Shortlisted for the City of Fremantle Hungerford Award in 2020 and published by Fremantle Press on 5th October 2022, The Ghost of Gracie Flynn is a ghost-narrator novel set in Perth, Western Australia. In the novel, a non-linear structure unravels two compelling mysteries, unfolding eighteen years apart.

The Ghost of Gracie Flynn by Joanna Morrison | 281 pages
ISBN: 97 817 6099 1258 (paperback) | 97 817 6099 1265 (ebook)


Gracie Flynn may be dead, but she’s not gone.

Three university friends are divided by a tragic death. Eighteen years on, chance reunites them. Robyn is still haunted by memories of her best friend Gracie, and Cohen’s heart has never healed. Only Sam seems to have moved on and found success and happiness. But death rocks their lives again when Sam’s body is found in mysterious circumstances. And the ghost of Gracie Flynn has a story to tell about the night that changed their lives forever.

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